Gather pins suggestion

I’ve been doing a lot of Texture Position work recently. In my current case I have an image of a scene of houses, and I want to model the houses and use the image as the texture for the front facing sides of the buildings. When I model another house and then change its texture position, the four pins are most likely near the area I’m working on, but the texture for that building is far away from the pins. If I pan the texture to the part I want, the pins are now a long way off screen. I have to zoom out to see them, relocate then, one at a time, zooming in and out a lot in the process.

Two possible solutions to the problem are:

  1. Have a “gather pins” option, where the four pins come to within the bounds of the current view.
  2. Allow panning of the texture without the pins moving. The pins would stay central as I drag the large texture over to the part I need for this building.

Thanks @colin

Well thought out and a nice improvement. I will get it entered.


For what it’s worth, Shift would be natural for toggling the “pan without moving pins” idea.

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especially true when you map a matched photo texture.

I also need to test out this function in 2016, but haven’t got a machine around to test it.

But the “reset” button never worked properly when a size of the image is changed. It keeps stretching it.

I will post after testing if it is fixed.

Clicking the Up-down and left-right arrow does not “reset” the image as it is expected to.
if you change the image to different ratio, this button will just stretch the image.
This button should just change to apply image’s ratio.