Garbage Geometry

Frustrating - everytime I create geometry and attach more geometry to it, I have to deal with broken geometry in future changes. For example, for a shed drawing I create 3 posts in line for one side, whether I create them as a object, component or leave it ungrouped geometry when I add more geometry (like a 2 x 6 board as a splashboard) any future change to those posts leaves line fragments or breaks the integrity of the post’s surface… Am I doing something wrong? This is such a hassle it is easier to use pencil/paper than try to design in sketchup.
I have Sketchup Make 2017 on Windows 10. Help please

Yes. Make components or groups as you go. When making components, make sure that the “Replace selection with component” box is selected, otherwise your geometry will remain “raw”, meaning it will still stick to anything new connecting to it.


Go to the The Learning Center check out The Sketchup fundamentals.

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