Full SketchUp on a tiny (7") device - possible candidate!

I just ran across this on Indiegogo:

Given the number of people I’ve seen wanting full sketchup on a tablet for use in the field, I thought this group might take a look.

My basic question is: Might this have enough RAM and Graphic capabilities to run SketchUp (acknowledging that it might be slow)?

Relevant (I think) specs are:

Processor Series: Intel Atom
Processor: x7-Z8750
Graphics Type: HD Graphics 405
Processor Graphics: Intel HD Graphics (Integrated processor)
Graphics Memory: “Shared memory capacity”
Includes 2 USB ports - 1 Type A, 1 Type C - so adding a wired mouse shouldn’t be a problem.
Also has Bluetooth

Before I plunk down and commit to the crowdfunding, I’d like at least a reasonable hope that it will be able to run SU 2017.

Installation/Graphics Gurus out there: What do you think?

just some thoughts:

  • CPU: Atom = lame
  • GPU: intel HD 405 > OGL driver support?
  • Display: 1,920 x 1,200 @ 7" > tiny GUI !?

Re processor. The advice even from Trimble team members in the past with respect to MS Surface is to avoid the low end models using Atom processors.

These processors are usually used for things like ATM machines. They are 1.6 GHz and have a SRP of 37 dollars (which should tell you a lot.)

Their graphics is supposed to be the equivalent of HD 5300. (Ie, this is a 5th generation GPU,… new machines are 7th generation.) It should have OpenGL 4.4 support but with reduced shader support.

Lame: Agreed
OGL Driver support: 4.4 per this
Tiny GUI?: Likely

I’m thinking the use case would be when you need to consult with a client and find you occasionally need to make an on site edit that requires features that aren’t (yet) in my.sketchup. If you keep your models in the cloud through Trimble Connect, this teeny tiny device might be worth the occasional need.

This, of course, assumes that you don’t already have a more capable laptop that you don’t mind carrying with you on site visits.

For my case, I’m not using SketchUp in any professional capacity, but I am desktop based and have been looking for a cheap way to change the model of my (to be built) tiny home on wheels to reflect as-built changes made - as I make them. My build site won’t be anywhere near my desktop!