Frustrating dimensioning from centre to edge

I find myself having to take many steps to do something that should be simple.

I want to add a dimension from the centre of these circles to the top edge.

The problem is, there is no green circle to click to set it down. Surely this is possible without first setting out guides using the tape measure tool?

Please don’t double post.

This is definitely not a double post, I have asked a completely different question in this one which requires a different answer. More importantly, it shows the centre of the holes has been marked already, highlighting that this is different.

I can understand that it looks like that, but this one relates specifically to snapping dimensions to ends where a green circle does not appear whilst using the dimension tool.

Snap to the corner and move to the midpoint.


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That’s brilliant. I did not know that was possible, thank you for your help.

That’s why I said it was double posting, the answer is the same to both your original posts.