From SOSI file to Sketchup

Has anyone tried to put maps(kart) from sosifil(sosikontroll) to Sketchup? It might be used only in Norway, so if there is anyone anyone, please share you knowledge.

I have no experience at all with SOSI, but I’d worry that the level of detail shown in your image would overwhelm SketchUp.

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I think its going to be just fine. I do not need to use all the territory, I only need the exact land for a 200 m2 house and some of neigbors houses. The only problem here is how to convert this map, that Sketchup could read it. I thought maybe someone here already has figured it out

Maybe these links are of any help.

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Thanks, maybe.

I tried now to convert from sosi to dwg and open dwg with sketchup. It kind of works, just its messy. Probably its a topic about it dwg–>sketchup.