From mac to pc wise or not?

Hello, I am planning to move from mac to pc. Good idea or not? The keys will take some time getting used to, but is it possible to work live in the cloud on a PC, such as iCloud. Can you also drag textures in skp and that sort of things? Many questions more…

Shouldn’t take too much getting used to. Mainly just the modifier keys. Ctrl instead of Option and Alt instead of Command.

You can save to the cloud although I don’t know that iCloud is available to PC users. Never tried. You should not be working on SketchUp or LayOut files that are saved only to a cloud location. Plenty of examples where that has been a problem for users who’ve ended up with corrupted files.

You can add textures into SketchUp on the PC. Personally I like the Materials panel arrangement and capabilities on the PC better than the one on Mac. I also prefer the options for toolbar arrangements and the tray for the various windows. Personal preference there, though.

Well… That’s great. I was really doubting. Thanks!!
And yes… it’s not a good idea to only work in the cloud. In icloud it’s saved on mac and cloud at the same time. So that’s save. Does it work like that on een pc too in for instance Google-Drive. Or do you have to copy it every day to the cloud? Now I can always work at home or in my studio a the latest file even if I forgot to close down my mac/file for example.

I think Mac vs. PC choice has more to do with everything else you do with your computer besides SketchUp than with the two flavors of SketchUp itself.


It might be saved in both locations at once but it also might be that you’re only saving to iCloud and it only looks like it’s saved locally. You could test that by turning off the internet and trying to open a file that you think is saved in both locations.

You can set up to automaically sync files to the cloud if you wish. It’s up to you.

Actually, I’m asking for somethings that makes sense. :laughing:
Tanks. This is a great help.

I mean ‘Thanks’ for all the answers of course! :wink:

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