From 3D panels to flat panels in 2D

I work as a sailmaker and use SU to understand drawings better and also for more acurate designs.
Mast coat.skp (340.1 KB)

I have this mast coat which I’d like to move into 2D for use in a saildesign program for plotting on the fabric.

How can I make the panels move to same flat surface? I will export it to DXF when it’s flat.

There is an extension called flattery that will unfold things like this, but if they are as simple as this you can just use the rotate tool to lay them out.
If it was symmetrical you could do it mathematically.

Thanks for your reply @Box. I have managed to move them into flat, but it’s too much work the way I do it. Another issue is in in process of export, the measures change slightly :roll_eyes:

Just Downloaded “Flatten” and perfect! Works great! Thanks @Box