Frequency of Logins to 3D Warehouse

I’m finding that I have to frequently login to 3D Warehouse and each time I have to clear the cookies disclaimer twice to get it off the screen.

Very annoying!

Needs a “Keep me Logged In” checkbox and cookies need to be saved so I don’t have to click the disclaimer every time.

Are you talking about accessing the Warehouse through your internet browser or through SketchUp directly?

Through SU directly. Prior to the new subscription service, I was logging on to “all things Sketchup” maybe once or twice a week. Now, it’s once or twice a day and I’m having to confirm my acceptance of their cookies policy every time. I’m showing that I’m logged in to SU:


Yet, when I open 3D Warehouse by clicking on the SU icon: image , 2-3 times a day I get:


With the cookie consent disclaimer after I log in:

If I’m logged in to SU, I should be logged in to “all things Sketchup.” I’m in SU quite a bit and it’s an irritant.

When you installed SU2021 did you do so by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator?

Don’t recall - I believe I installed through the notification inside of SU that an update was available. If I did install from a downloaded installer, I probably did not run as administrator.

BTW - thanks for your input and response! And Happy New Year.

I expect you would have downloaded the installer. Likely it would be in your Downloads folder but if not, you could get it again from

Not using Run as administrator when installing on Windows results in some odd behaviors related to permissions which may be the cause of your problem. It wouldn’t hurt to try repairing the installation. Make sure SketchUp and LayOut are closed, find the installer (or get it again), right click on it and choose Run as administrator. When given the option, choose Repair. Let it complete and then see what happens after that.

I hope it helps. Happy New Year to you, too. Don’t forget to eat your blackeyed peas and pickled herring. (Not necessarily together.) :wink:

I actually downloaded and ran the installer as administrator after you asked the question. I chose the repair option. We’ll give it a couple of days and see if that resolves things.

Again, thanks. Pickled herring - maybe. Black-eyed peas, I’ll pass…

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Good deal. And good luck.

A friend of mine told me she’d eat the blackeyed peas but skip the herring. :slight_smile:

Well, after refreshing my SU install, I’m still having the same issue with log in frequency. It’s as if the browser SU has integrated into their 3D warehouse isn’t saving settings. Not sure where to look to find where the flags might be stored, or if that’s even the issue - just guessing now…

Hmmmm… I wonder if @colin has any bright ideas. He’s probably partying hard tonight, though.

Yeah, guessing it’s a bad night to go hunting for answers… Perhaps the New Year will bring new answers.

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Quiet night in, and a nice long lie in this morning.

We are trying to figure out some cases where people need to sign in when they were already signed in (usually that’s just with Add Location, but I have heard of it happening with EW and 3DWH), and worse than that, people may have to sign into SketchUp itself, having only just been using it the night before.

I have a new idea about it, but haven’t got far with proving that I’m on to something.

I wandered down the path of checking cookie authorizations in my various browsers and turned off blocking of 3rd party cookies. When I opened SU this morning and clicked on the SU link to 3DWH, I was still logged in. I’m not sure if there is any kind of link between my browser permissions and the browser 3DWH is using, so I have no clue if it’s even relevant.

That is an interesting idea. So far I have been thinking that each browser type has control of cache settings, though I do know that the older version of Edge and IE would share their settings. It is possible that the Chromium browser built into SketchUp is influenced by either the settings for Chrome or the new version of Edge, both of which are using Chromium.

I will try to test that.

After a few days of watching for it, I’m still forced to login to 3DWH a couple of times a day… Will continue to explore possibilities.

I have been running into this same issue. I was rather surprised that I wasn’t logged into the 3Dwarehouse - after all, my license was logged in…
We’re getting customers reporting the same issue too.
At the same time, I am not always fond of the coupling of accounts - I use several accounts for the 3d warehouse, one for storing my personal stuff and one for sharing business stuff. Then signing out from the 3D warehouse will sign me out of SketchUp, thus disallowing saves…