Free transform shape


I’m trying to modify this shape so the sides slope down like the retaining wall on this firepit… what is the easiest way to do this?
Firpot.skp (195.1 KB) image5

Solid tools would be one way, make a solid and subtract it from your model ( note: your model would need to be made a solid by filling in the bottom.

Another way, is to use Fredo’s “Planar Shearing” tool which will rotate the top surface but keep the front parallel.

regular rotation will distort the front geometry !


Some methods give the result that the wall is level side to side all around. Other methods the top of the wall is in a single sloping plane.

In my eyes it seems that the wall top in the first picture posted by @clea is helical (“level side to side…”) so a simple cutting plane wouldn’t be exactly right. Without plugins, the wall can be first modelled as stepped, and the steps “filled in” afterwards by moving edges up

(now I notice that it would have looked better with an uneven number of sides)

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