Free 2D Idea Draw area on Sketchup



I use the free Sketchup version every now and then when I think I have a bright idea (the Mrs don’t always agree). Anyway, as I use the Make version I am not sure if the following perhaps exist in the Pro version, so please tell me immediately.

Would it be possible to have a 2D area allocated on the screen where you can quickly pen down your idea and then work alongside it on the main Sketchup screen? Something simple to draw a few line freehand? (Similar like a Post-It)

This will assist me in keeping focus on what I wanted to achieve from the start and compare it the “final” product.



Since this is to be a 2D Post-it, could you say what the benefit is of having it on screen (taking up screen space) instead of making notes on a simple piece of paper? I can’t picture any benefit in such a workflow so I’m curious why.

#3 or similar?


Why not just draw a big rectangle and use the pen to sketch on it and the text tool to write notes? You could group it all and/or put it onto a specific layer to hide when necessary. You could also setup a scene to go to it with a single click.


Instead of bending SU to conform to your old 2D workflow, which it will not do easily or well, you should make adapting your workflow to the 3D modeling environment part of your learning process.

The idea would be to define the general shape, mass, and proportions of your concept first with simple objects like blocks and cylinders and then go back in successive passes to refine the shape and pull out ever finer detail. In other words, think in 3D, and use the 3D model as a means to do so.

You know what they say about half measures.



If you want notes use that feature. Then erase them when you get them done. However, why not just open a “NOTE” whether MS or OpenOffice and then toggle its visibility?


Thanks for the tips guys.