FredoPortrait won't generate the image

I’m using FredoPortrait to take images of various components in a model. I have two workstations, and one of them has no trouble with generating images quickly. The other one, when I select generate image, it continues to think in perpetuity, saying “generating image…”, but does not show the save as box.

The format is transparent png, the models are in hidden line mode with no texture, and the pixel with is 1200px.

Why not post in its main thread at SketchUcation ?
You are more likely to get a response…

So, if one setup works, you need to find out what differs.

It could be hardware: show us what you got!
It could be the settings in Window->Preferences-> OpenGL: show us what you got!
Though I do not think Fredo’s uses the ‘built in ‘ exporter, it could be settings in File->export-> 2D graphics->Options.
When set to a ‘strange’ viewsize, it might fail there.

Fredo has published an update to fix this issue [which you have subsequently re-posted as I suggested] - its download is available as linked from its main page:

When a new extension like this is in development it is very useful for its author to keep your error reports in one place - i.e. the tool’s main thread - otherwise disparate posts cause confusion, and lead to slower resolutions…

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