FredoGhost: setting default method

Hi all,
a simple question: I’ve lately started using fredoghost and it has proven to be a very useful productivity plugin.
I only have trouble with one thing: I cannot seem to find a way to set a custom ghosting method as default (set default current method) .
I can create many custom methods, but it seems that every time I start a new session in sketchup I have to open FG, select the method I want and THEN it becomes default.
I even opened the ‘default parameters’ button and still couldn’t find this setting.
am I missing something?


This is a question that would be better asked in the FredoGhost thread on Sketchucation since Fredo6 looks in there more frequently. Have you tried saving the changes after you make them? Use Create a New Configuration. It’s the green + in the circle in the Configuration bar of FredoGhost Studio.

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  1. I will, I generally prefer this forum here because it’s more active
  2. The closest thing I’ve found is the “Assign to current scene” but as it says, it is only for the current scene.
    I imagine (/hope) that there is a way to assign a universal default method.

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Try Create a New Configuration.

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No, you didn’t understand! I already did this (the line with red text in the photo) but it just becomes another entrance in the list. There is no way to make it default for future sessions.

For that you’ll need to talk to Fredo6. It looks like a feature request for him.

will do,
I was hopping that it was something I had missed.
thanks again for the help.

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There is NO default method.

FredoGhost just uses the last method used in the previous session.


First of all: thanks for all the plugins!!!

now: after reading your answer, I used a custom ghost method, saved the file, opened a new file and the method from the first session was not used, it used the default set by the plugin.

I understand that you have made it very versatile and I haven’t explored it fully yet but wouldn’t it make sense to have the ability to set a custom ghosting method as (universal) default?
Ghostcomp was very limited compared to Fredoghost but it had one advantage: it was simpler and faster.
you just selected the object and boom, you had a ghost.

having (in each session) to select a default method adds an extra step.