Fredo toposhaper edit

Im new to TopoShaper and am wondering if there is any way to edit the terrain from a point cloud (made in TIG point up) as clearly my input is incorrect and I need to edit some of the points in the cloud. Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find anything myself relating to this subject.

You can manipulate the terrain or you can edit the points and run it again for a new terrain. The terrain is not linked to the point cloud after you create it.

You can use Sandbox smoove, Artisan, and Vertex tools to manipulate the terrain, for some examples of helper plugins. You can move individual points with the move tool (or Vertex tools set to “0” soft select).

Hello and thank you for your reply.
I think I have some aberrant cloud points that are not visible as I have attempted to do as you suggest, edit them out, but there are a few invisible points that I cannot locate even on zoom extents in order to remove them. So, my model looks like this; see attached.
the spikes are the unwanted elements and I have no idea what the skirt is doing! ha ha!

Not looking your at model in person, one could not say why those points are coming up. There is usually an explanation for things like this. Have you viewed the point cloud with hidden geometry showing, or tried to unhide All?

It looks like just a few points, so for your present model, just moving the bad points down to a logical spot should not be a problem. Hard to say from a distance, but it looks like you have sufficient points that estimating where these should be is not a problem. People sometimes seem religious about terrain results, whereas it is only an approximation of an approximation, of a rough guess at reality.

The skirt looks normal. It just extends down to 0.0 elevation. You can move the base up if you like.

For the high points you select the move tool click on the point and hit the down (or up) arrow to lock the vertical move, move the cursor down. You may do this repeatedly,i n steps, for each, so you can start zoomed out, then zoom in for a final more accurate move and placement.

Hi there thanks for the advice - all sorted !