Fredo Animator Play Issue

Hi All
I’ve just recently installed Fredo Animator and been watching all the tuts etc but I cannot get the “Play” button to work. I have tried everything. I am new to this extension so am keeping it really simple, just a box along a path. I add the transition and it will play if I “scrub” the timeline but pressing the play button does nothing. I have followed all the tutorials I can find but I’ve no clue why it’s not working. Probably something obvious but I can’t figure it out. As ever, any help gratefully appreciated.
I’m using Pro 2018 on Mac, in case that’s relevant. Cheers

Have you posted your question in the Animator category on Sketchucation? Seems like the best place for that.

Why don’t you put that in your profile so you don’t have to add it into your posts?

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Hi DaveR
Thanks for the rapid reply. didn’t realise there was such a thing. Should have looked there first I suppose!

Thought I had? I will. Cheers