Fredo 6 'Check for Updates' window won't close

This happened today; Fredo 6 Check Plugins for Update window won’t close and stays translucent. I’ve closed and reloaded SU twice but its still there, and now it stays on my desktop. I’ll reboot the computer to see if that will release it and reply here.

Fredo 6 window 2
Fredo 6 window

When it first showed did you have it check for updates?

Yes, I’ve rebooted the computer and it released it.

Odd that it wouldn’t release but at least it has. Try opening the Check for Updates window again and see if the same thing happens.

Seems to be fine when you check from the window > LibFredo6 > Check…
It was the Automatic (every 15 days ) pop up.

Well, keep an eye on it.

I wonder if the connection to Sketchucation was slow and the extension was still trying to communicate with the server.

Possibly; will do.
Thanks for your reply.

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