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Here is a typical section through a wall/floor junction in the UK, using either shallow strip or deep strip foundations.

Basically, we start by digging a foundation trench. Then we fill with unreinforced concrete to the desired depth (deep fill is more common nowadays than shallow strip). Then we build the base of our walls, usually up to damp proof course. The walls are used as formwork for pouring the ground bearing concrete floor or for supporting beam and block flooring. Only after that stage is complete do we start raising walls above dpc.

This is for the vast majority of foundations in good ground. In poor ground, we might use a raft foundation or, more usually, some kind of piling.

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Everything Simon said above. These are the two ubiquitous methods for domestic foundations in the UK covering ~90% of situations. The only thing I’d add is that with the traditional version (on the left) the below ground masonry is now often a “trench block” which measure 440mm (w) x 215mm (H) (+10mm joint) x 300mm (D) (average cavity width) and used as they’re much less labour intensive.

UK trench blocks



Hummm No rebar. Do you have seismic forces?



Er, no. Nor do we have to deal with hurricanes or volcanic activity. It’s real peaceful round here.



Lucky you! Lateral bracing seems be my #1 Continuing Education credits subject.

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90% of the English buildings are built on deep wet clay that rarely dries out…

any of the relatively minor activity is simply absorbed…

it makes the news, in London, when a window gets broken in Oxford…


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According to this article, we do have seismic activity, albeit too faint to be felt most of the time.

One of the most extreme tremors this century occurred in Sandwich in Kent with a quake registering 4.2 on the Richter scale. That was as recent as 2015. My parents live in Sandwich and I don’t remember them mentioning it. Those that did feel it probably thought it was the quality of their lovemaking at the time.



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