Foundation Plugin


Isn’t the slab on top of the pods still 3-4 inches or equivalent metric thickness? (even more in a garage space)


I found some of the points in the Cornell article kinda silly. One of the reasons offered for not liking the system was “stockpiling stinky petrochemicals under your slab”. But that’s a different topic :slight_smile:


When the concrete is installed incorrectly it can flow under the pods and lift the pods and therefore decrease slab thickness


I will probably add the waffle pod slab type to the plugin as well as some logic to create a report on the volume of the concrete and lineal feet of rebar. I’ve recently had some requests for a bill of materials for the plugin.


A new tutorial by NSM Construction.


Version 1.1.6 - 07.10.2018

  • Updated the licensing and registration system, added a license tab to the global settings.


FPSOG would be nice


You mean frost protected slab on grade correct?

This is already an option.




See images and discussion on or around June 17, 2017 for FPSOG.


Version 1.1.6b - 07.18.2018

  • Fixed a bug in the updated registration system.

This is a critical update, the recently release version 1.1.6 will not allow the registration of the serial number.


Version 1.1.7 - 10.15.2018

  • Name of plugin changed to “Medeek Foundation”.
  • Updated the licensing system to include a 30 day limit of the trial version.
  • Updates to the HTML pages of the global settings.

I haven’t spent much time on the foundation plugin in the last year and a half and it is beginning to show.

I have however determined that I can now devise an algorithm for step down foundation stem walls. A big shout out to Christina Eneroth whose excellent coding and generosity will make this feature possible in the near future.

Making the step down feature fully parametric may be a bit more of a challenge. I will need to give this some serious thought.


Todo list for the foundation plugin:

  • Parametrics (things get a little tricky for complex footprints [non-rectangular slabs and stemwalls], this will take some thought)

  • Window and Door openings in foundation walls.

  • Ability to cut holes into slabs

  • Isolated Post/Footing Module

  • Blockouts in stem walls for doors/garage doors

  • Floor drains in slabs.

  • Switching to all HTML menus with tooltips/thumbnails

  • Custom materials (similar to the truss and wall plugins)

  • Step down foundation stem walls for sloping sites (fully parametric, this will also be a challenge).

  • Adding more defaults into the global settings.

  • Raft and Waffle foundations.

  • The current method of inserting (one) strip footing is very limiting. This whole methodology needs to be reworked into something which allows any number of strip footings.

Let me know if I am missing something on this list.

The potential complexity of this plugin could easily rival the wall and truss plugins the more I think about it, again lots to do and never enough time to accomplish it all. Sometimes I think my ideas are much too big for my capacity.


I would like to see an option for a layer of 2" foam insulation under the entire slab except footers.


That sounds reasonable enough, I will add to the list above.


Thanks. I have several other questions about this plugin. Is this the best place to ask them?


Yes, this forum is probably the best place to field ideas on the foundation plugin.


When I use the foundation plugin (FP) and get to the stage where the foundation is drawn, is there a means to make changes afterwards? Is that the “parametrics” you were referring to above? For instance re-orienting an interior footer along the x axis rather than the y axis. Or moving it. (btw an option for multiple interior footers might be a good thing but having one drawn certainly make it easy to copy and move).

When you say "blockouts for stem walls for doors/garage doors are you meaning the curbs? Do these curb openings need to be located prior to using the wall plugin. I can see how it would be easier to modify curbs for opening after the fact.

I noticed on this foundation I have drawn the only layers created were of the jbolts. Is that also in the works? It’s not a big deal as I can easily create those layers. Just checking to see if its working as developed.


Yes, parametrics means that you can edit anything (or most anything) after the fact. Right now it is what I call “fire and forget” mode.

Blockouts are what is commonly used to describe cutouts in a stemwall foundation or a slab curb to allow for door openings. Yes, this feature would be separate tool similar to the window and door tools in the wall plugin.

Did you enable the layers in the global settings of the plugin?


nope :slight_smile: thanks.