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Isn’t the slab on top of the pods still 3-4 inches or equivalent metric thickness? (even more in a garage space)


I found some of the points in the Cornell article kinda silly. One of the reasons offered for not liking the system was “stockpiling stinky petrochemicals under your slab”. But that’s a different topic :slight_smile:


When the concrete is installed incorrectly it can flow under the pods and lift the pods and therefore decrease slab thickness


I will probably add the waffle pod slab type to the plugin as well as some logic to create a report on the volume of the concrete and lineal feet of rebar. I’ve recently had some requests for a bill of materials for the plugin.


A new tutorial by NSM Construction.


Version 1.1.6 - 07.10.2018

  • Updated the licensing and registration system, added a license tab to the global settings.


FPSOG would be nice


You mean frost protected slab on grade correct?

This is already an option.




See images and discussion on or around June 17, 2017 for FPSOG.


Version 1.1.6b - 07.18.2018

  • Fixed a bug in the updated registration system.

This is a critical update, the recently release version 1.1.6 will not allow the registration of the serial number.