Forum problem with chrome browser?


If I try to come here with Chrome browser, I can only see the top navigation and a blank page. There’s no problem with Internet Explorer. Clearing cache didn’t solve the problem, has anything changed in the last hours or is it only me…?


I usually use Firefox, but Chrome is working fine for me too [as is IE]…
What version of Chrome are you using ?


It works fine for me in Chrome too. Yesterday I had problems logging in.



Version 46.0.2490.71 m (64-bit)
(it says it’s up to date)


Same version here.



I can see this problem with my other computer too, any idea where to search for a solution? I don’t like surfing with IE…


I’ve found that my Avira antivir blocked the tracker for Fastly and after deactivating this one, the site is back again…