FormZ .fmz to SketchUp .skp help

I am revisiting a project abandoned back in 2002, which I created and developed using FormZ. Unfortunately, I no longer have that program, but I have a .fmz file. Is there anyone among you all who might help me convert it to something useful, such as .3DS, .DWG, or the like? I don’t care about textures, just geometry.
Thanks for any help.

What is the file extension of the FormZ file?

It’s a project file. Apparently, it can be converted to other 3D CAD files, but only with FormZ. At least, that’s what I learned after an hour’s search on the interwebs this morning.

There’s a free (limited functionality) version of FormZ that may let you work with SkektchUp or Collada (DAE) files. Doesn’t say if that’s import or export though.

More info here: Probably a good idea to post this same question to the FormZ forum as well.

Oh sorry I missed this, I have FMZ at work and could convert it for you but I am off tomorrow and I only have FMZ Free at home. It says that I can open a .fmz file but I can only export it to .dae, .kmz or .stl.

Thanks @eric-s. I got a copy of FormZ Free. And as @SeanB points out, it only exports to .dae, .kmz or .stl. Or it’s supposed to. I have a feeling my FormZ model is too complex. The one time I actually did get an export, SketchUP complained and wouldn’t open it.


Sean, I’m not in a BIG rush for a conversion. I can email the .fmz file (this forum doesn’t allow that file type to be uploaded), if you’re still agreeable to take a stab at converting it.

Hi Thom, sure I’ll be glad to give it a try on Monday. No problem at all, glad to help :slight_smile:


i have formz and could convert it, maybe you could send a link to a dropbox or similar if its too big.

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Thom, do you still me to take a look at this for you?



Indeed I do.

The file is large, so I’m putting it in Dropbox. Use this link:

In the years since this file was created, all ancillary files (like libraries) have been deleted. I’m assuming those contain material definitions, and perhaps some inserted components. That’s
okay. I’m primarily interested in the geometry … I will rebuild missing stuff using SketchUp.

Thanks in advance

Thom, try this…

I saved it as a dwg and brought it into SU with what seemed like success. Here are the dwg and SU files.
I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Let’s try another :wink:

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Sean, my friend.
You need to grant permission for me to access this file, or put it in a public folder.
When I click in the link, I get a 404 error.

@tpdes I put one in here, not sure if its what you need??

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FYI: In browsing through the FormZ forums, I find that FormZ implements a SKP importer, but not an exporter. Their users have been requesting a SKP exporter using various arguments, but it hasn’t yet been implemented.

This leaves the door open for a 3rd party exporter, however the FormZ devs are in the midst of removing the old FCL (thier proprietary C-like scripting language,) and replacing it with Python for the upcoming v9 release. So there isn’t much point in an export extension until v9 is released. Also they do have a “live” C API but seem to indicate that may go away sometime in the future.

Huh, thought it was in a public folder. My bad :frowning:

Thanks whiterabbit

@whiterabbitdesigncompany, the files in that dropbox folder are: 3D Model (SU 2018)x.skp and its .skb backup (which is a model of an office…a pretty nice model, too, if I may say so), and the files: asulos_fmz8.mtl, Asulos.fmz, Asulos.fmz8.3ds, and Asulos.fmz8.obj

I tried importing the 3DS file into SketchUp, but SketchUp complains that an empty component isn’t allowed. Kind of makes sense, since the file Asulos.fmz8.3ds is only 7 KB. It should be closer to 5000 KB.

Asulos.fmz8.obj is closer to the right size, but I have no clue as to how to import that file into SketchUp.

Thanks for trying, though. :grinning:

@tpdes That office file was for someone else, sorry for confusion.

I put the converted fmz file in its own folder as a .skp file. LMK if it is OK.

so check in there again.

Thanks to all of you who offered their help with my dilemma. @SeanB got everything I put in the model out for me, with the exception of the materials library. No big deal. I wanted the geometry, and I got it.
Thanks again, guys. This place rocks.

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