Force quits when saving a higher version of SketchUp

hello. I downloaded and used the SketchUp background.
When you save a file, a file version warning window appears.
If you proceed with saving, the file will be forced to close.
Is there any way to troubleshoot this symptom?
I’m asking because I’ve never seen the same symptoms.

[This file was saved in a higher version of SketchUp.
Saving changes to this file may result in data loss.
Do you want to save it as is?]

this simply means you’ve opened a file more recent than your sketchup and that if you save, some things will be lost.

you’re using sketchup22 (from your profile). in Sketchup24, we now have ambiant occlusion as part of the styles. in Sketchup23.1 we have snaps
If you open a file from 23.1 or 24 in 22 and save it there, then the snaps and ambiant occlusion will be lost.

that’s the data loss it’s talking about.
it’s perfectly normal.