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Re: What happened to index page? (began 3.23.2018, so is now locked)

I rarely open the 3DWH inside of SU. Today, however, I did so but by accident - I had intended to open the Extensions WH, had a brainfart and hit the wrong button.

After the 3DWH loaded, I immediately noticed that what was presented looked different than what I’ve been seeing when I open the WH in my browser.

I’ve not seen anyone mention this (though I find it hard to believe no one has - I couldn’t find any discussion on it), but it appears that in SU, the “Recent Models” row still exists. So for anyone who still doesn’t like trying to find recent uploads using the search feature and prefers the old “Recent Models” row - just open the WH in your desktop version of SU. As far as that goes… inside of SU, the whole WH appears to be the way it was before the last update.

NOTE: I am using SU Make 2014… I do not know if this is simply a glitch associated only with that version, but I sorta doubt it. It is similar to the fact that if you click on a link to a liked model from an email notification, you will be presented with the old style page.

Just FYI


We made a decision to incrementally update all pages, so there are edge cases where pages will bring up the older model details page versus the newer. We see what people like and what they click on, and Recent Models was one that, other than a few “hey, my model is in there” notices, it really wasn’t adding much value. We do look at uploads daily, and observe what’s going on, and perhaps we’ll add some version of Recent Models (but curated a bit), but if our users don’t click or have interest in features, they’ll go away. Do you ever ask yourself “Why is the grocery store arranged this way?”, as I did when mine just moved aisles around last month, you can be assured it’s probably not random.