Foolproof alignment in 3D?

I often find myself centering components, and then moving them away from the original plane (see pic)
In this example, I am hoping to center this faceframe on a window (24" away from my tape measure construction line…)
What are your favorite techniques for making sure no misalignment occurs from the time I align it to window, to the time I offset it?

(Silly question: Is there such thing as a 3 D construction line)?


• The Axes steer the Inference Engine
• The Inference Engine steers the Tools
Inference Locking puts the Tools on rails.

Simply lock the direction of the move operation.

Inference Locking


Thanks George!

I was hoping there was something akin to a midplane or offset plane in Fusion 360, so I could get visual confirmation/inferencing from multiple angles, but I guess I’ll have to trust the video’s method for now…

The Inference Engine in SketchUp has been working for >20 years.
I’d say trusting it would be a safe bet.