Font clipping in Layout '20

Has anyone ran into a problem with the Font “Graphite” in Layout clipping the top of capital letters, I’ll include a screen shot.

That’s happening because the font is made with the glyphs positioned slightly higher than they should be.
Screenshot - 5_5_2021 , 8_28_11 PM
Compare to Arial which has the glyphs positioned where they should be.
Screenshot - 5_5_2021 , 8_29_13 PM

You might try a small point size but you may need to edit the font.

I don’t use this font, but try centering vertically in the text boxes. That might get you what you need.

Dave, I’m becoming increasingly convinced you’re actually an AI that lives on this forum digesting and regurgitating information.

Hey Dave, Aloha from the Big Island, that’s what I thought, but didn’t know how to articulate it.
I like “Graphite” for architectural drafting. I’ll try your suggestion

Hey OldMan, thanks for the response, I’ll try that. And yes DaveR is an AI. “May he live long & prosper”

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Hi David,

Aloha! Or maybe I should say Skol! Good luck with it. You should be able to get it to fit but it still might be tight at the top.

Ha! :smiley:

And thank you.