FollowMe tool issue


I’m trying to create an existing product but by using the FollowMe tool, it appears that SketchUp has issues with incurves.
I’ve tried several ways to solve this issue, but unsuccessful.
Have anyone an idea?
Thank you very much for helping me here!!

Number of Segments too large for given angle and radius

I expect you just need to work at a larger scale. It’s not “incorves” that SketchUp has trouble with. It’s that it won’t generate edges and faces if they must be too small. The edges and faces can exist but they must be made at a larger scale first. Try scaling up by a factor of 10 or 100 before running Follow Me. Or do a search for “The Dave Method”. Box did a nice animation showing that.


WOW! Thank you for your quick answer!
Indeed, I worked on a 10 factor scale and it worked perfectly! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
BTW Box did a great explanation/animation job