FollowME crossing issues

So I am trying to make this maze glass tunnel that intersects at some places.
Like these old fashion games where we used to run a metal bead along some grooves under a plastic cover.
But I can’t get the “followme” to follow me across an already standing tunnels.

I am right that maybe I must divide all the lines into different groups and then make
each tunnel individually and then reassemble.
Or maybe because I gave also a glass floor I wanted to give a different wood material
at a later stage and the continuous line is hiding under that floor and when I go in
its very difficult.

Can I run the “followme” from UNDER the ground where the line also shows?
And when I restart the tunnels devides (like at the left) into section in the curved part, will that
affect the final render?

I actually wanted to run the shape as on the left upper corner with sort of
an outside foundation of say brick or gravel of a different material but
It won’t follow as one along the glass.
What about if I make it a “group”?