Follow me while tapering down

I’m trying to use a Follow Me type of command to go around a golden ratio I found online. How can I get it to taper down (based on my drawing) from 100 wide to 5 at the end? The red sock is what I am aiming for…

FollowMe.skp (1.2 MB)

Follow Me is just the wrong tool for the job. You might have a look at extensions like Taper Maker which is in the Extension Warehouse.

What you show in your screen shot is flat. Is that what you want? If so, you only need to create the inner edge of the spiral and connect the ends.

This was done with Taper Maker using the spiral in blue as the path.

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Taper Maker is definitely going in the tool box. I had no problems creating a taper. But how did you get a 2D plane?

I didn’t really make it 2D. I just made it really thin. I guess if you did have to have it 2D you could edit the group made by Taper Maker and delete all but one face.