Follow me & Snap to axes

  1. I’m trying to use follow me, but find it irritatingly unreliable. But of course the may be me.
    I am trying to follow this simple path, with a rectangle 20mm x 6mm.
    I attach the file. But I think I have followed the instructions - select the rectangle, select ‘follow me’, and follow the path. It shouldn’t be difficult.
    I’ve magnified the rectangle in case it was too small - no difference.
  2. I want to get the rectangle centred on the central point of the axes. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to draw a rectangle from the centre (as with circles) or to snap to an axis. Any ideas please?Verge & Foliot.skp (99.5 KB)

Your path can’t be within a group.
The profile can be but not the path.

On Mac you press option to cause a rectangle to draw about the center point (probably ctrl on Windows, but check the status line at the bottom to make sure).

Except at the origin, axes don’t provide snap points. You can overcome that by creating a guide line along the required axis.

Thank you. I thought I’d read most of the instructions for follow me, but it had escaped me that you can’t make a group follow. Sort of sensible, I suppose!

Just to clarify slightly, you can use follow me within groups.
But if the path is wrapped in it’s own group the results will be unpredictable.
You can see in this gif when using raw geometry or raw path and grouped profile the extrusion works as expected, but when trying to use the grouped path the extrusion goes in the opposite direction.
Group follow

Thank you, Box. I shall bear those points in mind!

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