Follow me problem for finial

Newel finial.skp (12.2 MB) Hi there!

I am new to sketchup and having a hard time with the follow me tool. I want to create a finial for a newel post and the tool always deform it. It makes it out of proportion and hollow. Can someone help me please ? :slight_smile

It is red-colored shape in the attached file.

BTW, I use the 2017 free version.

Is this what you are hoping for?
Screenshot - 1_25_2021 , 9_37_43 PM

Your path isn’t flat, centered or a circle.

Even when you do it right like @Box and @DaveR, it will remain hollow.

WOW, thank you all! I struggled for more than and hour and then you make it look so easy…lol

What do you mean, the path isn’t flat? And I thought that it didn’t matter if the circle wasn’t centered (guess that I misintepreted a youtube video…)


I’m not sure how you created your ‘circle’ but it is two arc that are not aligned.
See here it will form a face if I draw an edge between the two arc, but not when I bisect the arc.
Not flat

Here is a bit of an exaggeration of what happens when things are and aren’t centered.
Not center

Ha ha, the ring came from a part of a column (not shown in the file) that I copied-paste. Since it didn’t have a top face, I drew a circle trying to reach the inside ring edges. One thing I am learning is to avoid copy-paste…

And thanks for the video demonstration for the follow me. Really my problem for creating the finial was that the reference circle was potionned randomly because I thought that the important thing was the radius. Now I know its the opposite :slight_smile:

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