Follow me leaves the part partially open

Hi. I have a semi-complex cross section that I try to “donutize” with follow up tool. However, the tool leaves at least one side open, and I dont understand why. I have tried to create the section so that it is planar. I have tried to put the circular path to various positions but no luck. Tried to ensure that path is perpendicular.
SKP attached.

Any tips and tricks welcome!

BR, Kimmo
NEWNEW_CamBlower (1).skp (16.9 KB)

The dimensions are too small (circle radius 4 mm…) . Scale all up by 10 or 100, make the result into a component and scale a copy back down.

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Thanks! That would make sense, since the problemous part is within the small radius. This is a small part to be 3d-printed, never crossed my mind that there could be such a restriction.

I will try scaling up right away!

In that case you can make the model using centimeters or meters as the modelling unit, export to stl and tell the slicer application that the file is in millimeters. STL files are unitless.

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Thanks for the additional tips - and scaling up worked! :ok_hand:

Another tip: In SketchUp, the axis directions of the 3D space follow standard CAD conventions: Red and green define the horizontal (XY) plane and blue is “up” (z). Using that makes modelling and navigating the model easier.

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