Follow camera

I rarely use images or components that follow the camera. I recently needed that feature and found it difficult to enable it.

I assumed the option would be in the identity dialogue, but it’s not (2017 Pro)

I had to explode an image, make it a component, and then had the option to enable follow camera in the make component dialogue. There was no option in right click at any point as far as I could see.

Have I missed anything, and does SketchUp need to add the option in the identity dialogue?

I assume you mean Entity Info window. And you’re right. It’s not there but then it never was. Select the component in the Components window and click on the Edit tab. The check box is there.


Yes, I meant entity window.

I did find the option in the components window later - forgot to mention that.

I tend to avoid using the component dialogue because you usually end up with a component wanting to be added to the model.

Any idea if adding follow camera to the entity dialogue has previously been requested/discussed?

Just hit Esc after you’ve made the settings in that window.

No idea. But then, if they do that, do they need to move all of the other things from the Component Edit tab to Entity Info? Just a guess but I think it’s an unlikely change.