"Fog" for transparency and hidden line

There are many times that I want to see/snap to what’s just behind a surface - and turning on hidden lines or transparency ends up with a screen full of confusion.

If these could have a “fog” setting that would make the effect more pronounced the closer to the camera the lines are and it would remove all the geometry from the far end of the drawing to only show the closest lines behind the visible surfaces.
Perhaps a “threshold” value? eg only show hidden lines and geometry 500mm beyond the visible surface.

Perhaps another way to do this would be to localise the effect around the mouse icon? (Actually this would be cool on it’s own - like having an x-ray telescope.)

If the standard inferencing system isn’t enough while moving, you should have a look at Fredos move along.

I normally move things out the way, use the interface I want, then move things back. (or hide bits, edit and un-hide again)
Having more options visible close to the active mouse location would make it much easier:

X-ray is really good for navigation within a building: you can scroll through walls and get to the area you want without simply looking at a white screen and rolling the mouse until you come out the other side. A localised x-ray would make navigation in tight spaces really easy and straight-forward. Perhaps a sphere of “x-ray” around the viewpoint?

Hidden line… could you pick the right one from this?..
admittedly I could (and sometimes do) use a reverse sectional cut plane, but the idea is to make things easier/simpler and more efficient to work with.

+1. Sounds like a nifty idea.