Fluid volume fill calculations

I have created an irregular polygon that represents a fuel tank. I want to simulate filling it with fluid to various volumes and then measuring the distance from the top of the fluid to the top of the tank.

Is this possible? How.



I can’t think of a way to specify a volume to put in the tank, but you can chop the top off to get a volume that is left.
Depending on the shape of your tank you can slice it and move the top face up until it reaches the required volumes and then see what is left.
Any ‘Solid’ will show a total volume in the Entity info window, so as an example Tig’s Split to Plane extension would allow you to split the tank into two volumes at a specific point, then read off the volume of each from Entity info.
Probably best done on various copies of the original tank.

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Thank you. This method would work.

Are there any tutorials on this plugin?


It’s pretty straight forward. The object must be a solid, right click and select the tool from the context menu, click once to set the position, then two more clicks define the axis of the split.
So if your object is aligned to the ground and you want a horizontal slice, click the height then the green and red axes.
Split to plane