Flopping display on sketchup 2020

So i’m working on sketchup 2020, at first there’s no problem with it the display seems pretty fine. But when i start working on my model this happened, the default tray, toolbars and workspace starting to what is it called “flopping”? or “doubling” and like overlapping each other like what i put on screenshot below. This always happened and often make my sketchup closed by itself (not bugsplat). Please let me know if some of you ever have this experience while using your sketchup and how to fix it, thankyou!

Check for updates to your display driver.

thankyou for replying @Anssi i’ve already checked that and it says that best drivers are already installed. is there anything i could do to fix this problem?

Did you check with Windows or with the manufacturer of your graphics card? Windows 10 is notorious for pushing out bad or obsolete graphics drivers.

@slbaumgartner thank you for replying, i did check it on windows

Don’t trust Windows to tell you if you have the current drivers from the GPU manufacturer. Go to their website and get the latest drivers.

:joy: alrightt, yep i also check it on manufacturer website too but im kinda confused with my display adapter 'cause it showed 2 active display adapters. which one is it? i dont really know about it. thank you

To me it seems that your computer has an AMD main processor. The Radeon Vega is AMD’s CPU-integrated video circuit. The Radeon RX560X is your discrete graphics adapter, and you ought to go to the AMD website to look for an updated driver for that.

I bet driver is the same for these two

yes, i just know about this after i installed the lastest driver. but it seems like there’s no difference before and after i installed it, my default tray and toolbar still overlapping like on my screenshot. im desperate hahaha