Flip, Scale, Rotate Individually Along

It would be very helpful if we could rotate all objects in a selection 90º while keeping them in the same spot. The same for flipping them or scaling them up. This way we could change scales and rotate layouts more efficiently, but also do a lot of other stuff.

Right now I will have to rotate 100+ text elements just because I’ve placed them while the drawing was vertical, but now that I need the drawing to be horizontal and rotated 90º the texts are all facing left instead of vertical as they should.

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I feel your pain.

I just had to “mirror” a completed set of plans.
Sure would have been nice to just select all affected text and scale -1 and maintain text legibility.

I know this is possible if the text has an assigned “heading”.
In your case if all text was assigned 90º vertical setting, just select all affected and reset to 0º horizontal.


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How do you do that in Layout?

Well there’s the rub…you cannot.
If the text in LO had the attributes I mentioned…you would be able to.

Sorry…I could have been clearer on that.


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