Flip Multiple Edges


Is there possible to select multiple faces and flip edges with some tool like flip edge in sandbox?

Maybe in TT’s QuadFace Tools, I’m not sure.

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It works, but not exact what I want to do. I wnat to select bunch of faces with same edge direction and flip them all, with this plugin I have to select each face to flip.

Any “flip edge(s)” operation needs to know which edges to exclude from the operation.
For a single quad face this is obvious: ignore the perimeter > operate on the diagonal.
For multiple selected faces the program needs to know more. For instance operate on edges that aren’t horizontal, nor vertical. The rest are diagonals.

Or operate on only hidden edges, the diagonals.

So just selecting multiple (connected) faces may not be enough.

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Thanks, I understand the logic behind the operation.

If QuadFace tools can be made to know what faces forms quads (what edges are diagonal and what edges are boundaries) it might be able to flip all selected quads.

How did you generate the mesh?

Yes, QuadFace knows Quads and highlight them and then fliped edge.
I create mesh with loft three lines with curviloft.

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