Flip leaves original lines copied in place but I don't want that

I draw lines on the side of a board for later use in making dovetails. I use the move/copy function and move a copy to the other end of the board. While that copy is still selected, I use the flip function on the blue plane and it flips the line correctly, but the old lines remain in place as well. I just want to flip them and not keep original markings. Help!

It would help if you can share your model so we can check for sure. I can think of two possible situations. One is if you pressed the modifier key for the flip operation, in which case, like the move tool, it flips a copy and leaves the original in place. The other is if perhaps there are groups or components involved and the lines are inside one of them that needs to be opened for edit.

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I would do what @slbaumgartner suggests and make a flipped copy of the original edges.
I put the guideline at the midpoint of the length of the board before drawing the edges for the tails to ensure I had a midpoint to flip around.

If you don’t want to do that, copy the original edges down and off the “board”, flip them, and then move them into place on the end of the board.

Hi Dave, I’m using your Fine Woodworking class video. I am at the point where in lesson 2/2 where I create the dovetail lines on the bottom of the side board. I try to select all four dovetails by using the selection tool and drawing a box left to right with the content inside, however it doesn’t select just the dovetails like it did in your video. It selects all adjoining lines and the spaces in the dovetails and in between. I eventually got so frustrated I just clicked on each segment using the add option and got what I wanted selected. I then used edit and made a copy, like you did. I then selected the move tool went down to my dovetails and pressed CTRL to create a copy. I move it to the top edge of the board, Selected the flip tool, clicked on the blue plane, and it flips but leave the original copy still in place. What should I do differently?

How do I share my model? I am sorry to ask but I am new to this forum and sketchup. Thanks so much!

When I say it leaves the original in place I am not referring to the dovetail lines at the bottom of the board that I copied and moved from. I am talking about the new ones at the top of the board where I just flipped, if that makes any sense. What I am left with at the top of the board are two sets of dovetail markings, one flipped, one not.

Hi David,

First that was recorded with the version before they released the new Flip tool. When I showed that I drew the edges for the bottom dovetails outside of the case side componet. That makes it easy to select them with a left to right selection window and then copy and flip them to the top. After the edges are copied/flipped, I selected the edges and both the top and bottom and cut them to the clipboard (Ctrl+X), then I opened the side compoent for editing and used Paste in Place to paste the edges inside the case side component. Doing it this instead of opening the component for editing the component first has three benefits. First the geometry you draw for the dovetail joint doesn’t immediately modify the component. Second, the geometry is easier to select for copying. Third, the same geometry can then be pasted in place on the end of the case top or bottom so it can be used to make the pins, too.

Note with that process of drawing the bottom dovetail outline outside of the component you can use the case side’s midpoint in the vertical direction without needing to add the guideline.

Drag and drop the .skp file into a reply in this thread.

Is it possible you tapped Ctrl before flipping the edges at the top of the case side? That would result in copying and flipping.

Thank you sooo much for your prompt replies. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it since my frustration level was running high. I will try your suggestions! Thanks.

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