Flickering tools and stoppage of work

Hello. Working on a new Mac Studio running 14.5 with SU VR 24.0.554and encountering a problem where the cursor (or the tool icon on screen) will start to flicker and nothing can be done in my project until it stops (or I force quit). I can move the window around and the program isn’t “Crashed” but I cannot continue working when it’s happening. Sometimes I wait it out (takes 5 minutes takes 20) to stop flickering and let me proceed. Mostly I just force quit the program loosing all my current work. I updated this week to newest version but it was also was happening in the previous version.

Thanks for listening.

How big is the SketchUp model file? Is it doing this during an autosave? Where is the file saved as you are working on it?

Please update your forum profile. It says you are using SketchUp 2018 and OS 10.14.3