FlexTools Extension

With this new Flex Window, you can create a simple Hopper.
Change one setting and it’s an Awning!

Change another setting and it’s flipped inside out!

Double Click into it and you have the same 20 presets and full customization like with the previously released Casement-Double.

Casement-Single Flex Window

It’s just like the recently released Casement-Double, but single! :upside_down_face:


A Fixed Flex Window
It’s similar to the original FlexWindow, but it is a lot simpler.

Read more details in the FlexBlog: https://flextools.cc/blog/3-new-flex-windows/

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We started working on FlexStairs!

Here is a work-in-progress video:

  • The stairs are recalculated while scaling according to the restrictions you enter (based on Blondel’s Rule).
  • The top step can be hidden.
  • You can set a minimum riser height.
  • You can also set a fixed tread length.

To be continued… :slight_smile:

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You will eventually need to address nosings at some point.

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This is superb news. If you include handrails and also dog leg and ‘L’ shaped stairs you’ll be on to a real winner. I’d also build-in the ability to add steps (single or multiple) into half landings too as this is often the only workable compliant solution in tight spaces. Great to see you guys pushing the boundaries. Love your work. You might just save SketchUp at this rate!

Great news yes. Personally I’d say that if the tool does the various possibilities structurally it should be fine as longs as components are used. The range of possibilities for balustrades and handrails together with inlays, finishes, nosings, etc. is so wide that I’d rather take the time to customize the components particular to the application than try to fiddle with numerous settings to see what it comes out like only to end up doing a partial custom job anyway. Remember to work in landings and being able to set governing parameters for that.

I don’t agree. Handrails are an integral and fundamental part of a stair and can have a major impact on it’s routing to ensure compliance. Inlays, finishings and nosings, and even balustrading, are decoration (or infill) that can be added at a later stage and have no impact on routing or structure.

…and headroom. I routinely draw the headroom required when drawing stairs to check compliance.

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yes please, customizable of course

I’m not arguing how integral they are, however you must have some sad sad designs…

Good to hear! Dog leg and L shaped stairs will be the next ‘step’ after the initial release.

I hope this quote doesn’t go unnoticed by the Sketchup team and the Dynamic Component Skeptics.

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Yes, the possibilities are endless and variations of handrails can get out of hand, so to speak. We’ll try to keep things as simple as possible where you could then build upon it to reach what you need.

Let’s say we’ll have a FlexStair component for each staircase type, like one for a linear staircase, another for dog legged, another for ‘L’. For each of these types, what parameters would you find most necessary to define the landings?

Bought flex tools today. Could really use sliding glass doors. Stairs not so much.


New FlexSlope Component easily calculates ramps, car parks, roofs etc.
The original, simpler beta version is available for free download at the FlexLabs.

See more details at the FlexBlog.


You can now also specify the number of divisions in Colonial Style Distributions.

More updates in our Blog: https://flextools.cc/blog


FlexStairs released! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

We’re proud to present you with FlexStairs v1 - the fastest stairs ever!
Scale the stairs from floor to floor and they automatically adjust according to your requirements.


Learn more: https://flextools.cc/blog/flexstairs-released/


Have to figure out some steps? - No worries.
FlexStairs will do the math for you! :slight_smile:

See how FlexStairs work in this short introduction video:

Learn more at https://flextools.cc/learn/flexstairs


One click landing! Coming soon.



Just wanted to give a quick shout out to FlexTools. I’ve been using this plugin for well over a year now, loving the flexibility and the options it presents. In addition with a easy to use and efficient renderer such as Enscape it really adds to the speed of our workflow and lets us create and reiterate presentations pretty darn fast. Love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: