Flattening Extension


No i hadnt, the file came through on here as a screenshot, wasnt aware that it was the actual SU file


It showed as downloaded and I figured you got it so I removed. I didn’t save it, though.


No, I had only viewed it, it was a screen shot so the only download it made was a jpeg not an SU file


There was a SKP file, too.



easy come easy go lol,


No need to open the component, right click on the component and choose Change Axis.


Here’s a quickie showing how to change the axes on an existing component and how to set the axes while creating a component.


Sorry, i was the one who downloaded it, here it is again…

bumper cut list comp.skp (281,2 KB)


Hey Box,

Thanks for the short vid, definetly simplifies the process of trying to get the parts to layout on the same plane.


Thanks for the repost


you’re welcome.