Flatten surface


I’m trying to flatten the attached file with flattery but can’t get it right. I need to flatten to make a correct drawing. Is there any good plugins working for this or some other technique?
HDF-Front.skp (391.9 KB)

If you’d tell us more about the specific problem you’re having it might be possible to help you correct it.

Your object seems pretty simple, except I think the idea with unfolding is you’re just unfolding a single face thickness. You’re trying to unfold two faces at once (it would appear). I presume that’s what’s not working. Why don’t you get rid of the two parallel surfaces and just unfold one. At that point, if you must show the unfolded face with thickness, you can push/pull it.

As an alternative to Flattery, you could try Jim Foltz’s Unfold Tool



Sadly I couldn’t download that tool.
Below is the length of line:

And here is the face flattened, it does not show the same measurement. I know it’s really small difference but anyway it bugging me to not get it correct

Tried to only flatten 1 face but it was the same. Then I just need to accept some differences.

In your picture, Entity Info gives the length of 14 edges, except there are only 13. You must have also picked the short edge folded at the bottom.

Well, I could. I just downloaded it

You know, if you just say, “I couldn’t do x,” there’s no way to help you since you didn’t say what went wrong.

There seems to be something wrong with the way you are measuring the line before flattening. I created a rectangle in the green-blue plane, intersected it with your model, welded the intersection line into a single curve, and here’s what I got. The length matches what you show in your picture! I notice that the top edge of your panel is beveled - it is parallel to the red-green plane, not perpendicular to the surface. Depending on what you did, that could cause a subtle difference.

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