Flag a model that has a Problem

Proposed Feature: Flag a model that has a Problem

Rather than post a model issue in the Comments thread. It would be nice to flag a model that has a problem, and have a checklist of the most common issues, we can check. This notice is then sent to the model author, so they can fix it.

Also, the author and anyone else visiting the model page should be able to see any “Reported Issues” since the model was last updated.

Some other Issues:

  • Copyright violation
  • Wrong orientation

… any others ?

For example this guitar model is wrapped within an outer component as is ~ 30 feet from the origin. Also in the outer component (near the origin,) is the Bryce “faceme” component.

Enter the WebGL view, and click the Zoom Extents in the viewer menu.

I see that there is person 30 ft away from the guitar, maybe Bryce walked away from it :smiley:

Issues to add on:

  • Wrong scale
  • Inappropriate content
  • Wrong name or description

I think bad geometry or texture would be not a “problem”, just a quality issue.
Layer management would also fall into this.

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