Fixed-size holes in re-sizable objects?

How can I make holes in component which can be re-sized independently from the main component?

I’m trying to make fixed-size screw-holes and slots in components which I can re-size without changing the size of the holes or slots within.

I’m also trying to make screw-holes (basically just a hollow cylinder), which can be re-sized without changing the size of the component the hole is in.

So-far, I have only found a way to make fixed-size objects (faces, etc), but not fixed-size holes within those objects.

If you make each hole as one component inside another set (component) of holes, and the main object as another component, then make all that into a top level component, you can open the top level component and use the scale tool to resize the object. Or open the object itself and move or otherwise alter its geometry, leaving the holes in place in either case.

If you want different versions to coexist, make the top level AND the resizable object part both unique.

Or resize the holes in your other use case, making them unique first if you want different versions in the same model.

If you had Pro (which you don’t according to your profile) you could alternatively create a Dynamic Component.