Fit in how many times?

I’m wondering if there is a way Sketchup can do this, or do I need math ? …

I have a wall and want to fit a same size window along it several times evenly.


Especially Copying and multiplying geometry with the Move tool

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Here is the process I would use:

  1. Make sure the window width can be divided into the wall length without remainder. If it can’t, you will have to alter the window width so that it does.

  2. Work out how many instances of the window can be accommodated (let’s say it is 5, for example).

  3. Place a copy of the window at the left hand end of the wall.

  4. Use the Move/Copy tool to place a second window at the right hand end of the wall.

  5. Immediately type /5 into the dimension box at the lower right hand corner of your screen and you should have what you want.