First time with SketchUp

This is my first time using Sketchup for a project. Could someone help me figure out how to add flooring to my model? I have many many other questions but will start here.

When I select the type of flooring I want in the paint bucket app then try to apply to to the “floor” of my model the paint bucket icon has a red circle x and won’t do anything

maybe the surface you want to apply it to is inside a locked group, unlock it and try.

Im not sure how to do that?

Click on your flooring to seelct. Right click and in the menu, scroll down to unlock.
If an item in your model is locked, it will have a red outline. If it is unlocked (like hopefully everything else in the model) there will be a blue outline.

Can I share my model?

Yes you can share the model.
Also you might get some good info from the Learning Center tutorials.

does this look like what you are experiencing?
Best tool for Sketchup is a mouse with a scroll wheel.
so a right “context click” should get you the dropdown menu.

I do not have a scroll wheel. When I use the select tool to click the “floor” nothing happens…

UPDATE- I have figured that out. Thanks for all of the help!! Still so far to go…

You should get a mouse with a scroll wheel and center mouse button. They aren’t that expensive and having one will make working in SketchUp much easier.

Upload your file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and stop guessing at what the real problem is.

I tried to upload it but it kept saying that the file size was too big?

Then upload it to the 3D Warehouse or Drop Box and share the link.