First time with a dwg file

Hi, new here but been using SU for a while as a tool for my landscaping business.

I am trying to utilise a dwg file for the first time as the site has quite complex topography and so I thought it would be a good idea.

The file was a download and when I import it it just appears as a series of crosses 2.4m apart. I can see that the topography looks correct but how on earth do I turn it into something more useful to me as it obviously has no faces?

I am sure that it will quite simple but an hour or so of internet research has so far not resulted in anything useful.

Hello, Can you show a screenshot of your model or attach it ? If those crosses are c-points you can use tig’s triangulation plugin to create a surface out of them

Glebe Farm Top.skp (320.7 KB)

Hi Paul,

Hoping that I have attached the model…

as I thought, those are Cpoints and you can use the plugin I linked to create a surface.

I made it for you this time :
Glebe Farm Top surface.skp (542.4 KB)

do you know how to install .rbz plugins ?

Thank you so much Paul. Yes I know how to install plugins - I will get that one installed right away. Matt :+1:

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