First impressions SU 2023: Tags in deleting trouble and Outliner without Shortcuts

I just upgraded from (Win 10 PC) SU2021 to SU2023 (German version)

  1. I cant handle the Outliner by shortcuts. It simply doesn’t work! So I have to right click and e.g.: G for grouping…

  2. Deleting a Tag (taping a tab - right click - delete) > Tap is deleted AND several other tabs too!!! This way I am not able to set up my templates.

  3. German version is not properly translated or still in English (Still I suppose my English is worse!)

I must go back to SU 2021 because I’m under pressure and loosing too much precious time and the uncertainty of what unexpected things will …!
I’m using SU for professional purpose (~10 years) - please no further ‘happenings’!

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2023 is the 1st version since I started using it in 2004 that I’ve decided to completely bypass. I tried it for 10mins before I knew it wasn’t a no go.
I’ll look at 2024 when it comes out but it dam well better be a fast improvement on 23 or at least as good as 2022.


Fine, I am not alone!
When can we estimate a renewed version of SU pro 2023/24 to come?

OK, I gave it another try!

  1. New installation (deleting the old one in the installation-process) of cause as administrator!

  2. Not installed: ‘Curic Section plane tool’! I loved that one, because it fits so well to my workflow.

  3. Some (pretty normal) struggle with my 3Dconnexion - space mouse.
    I copied the files from my SU pro 2021 version to SU pro 2023:
    C:…ProgramData/Sketchup/Sketchup 2021/Sketchup/plugins: Folder: 3DxSketchup - and - 3DxSketchup.rb
    And I made an update of the space mouse driver.

Next impression:

It seems to work:
Outliner and layer/tags work as expected, space mouse is functioning.

Happy new year!