First Christmas tree


Merry Christmas everyone!

All my love for architecture and history + my holiday spirit combined in one greeting card, illustrating the first Christmas tree in the word.

The Estonians might like to argue, but the first documented Christmas tree was erected in the Riga city square in 1510.

Rendered with V-ray 3.6. PP in Affinity Photo.


Excellent card, and knowing the part of the world well I won’t comment on who had the first.
But, I have to say, 1510, do you thing you may want to adjust the lighting a touch.

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A little bit of artistic expression from my part :slight_smile:

The center building is the House of Blackheads. They organized the biggest Christmas parties in the city of Riga, so the lights were up all night :smiley: Until the 18th century the winter holidays lasted 6 weeks and were later cut down to only two.

I have been gathering historical reconstructions of the city for a few years now, with a goal to create the most realistic model, of how it looked like in the early 16th century in its full Gothic architectural glory.