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Hi, I’m new to the forum, so please excuse me if his has been mentioned before.
I’m looking a plugin or a way to make my sketchup models look more like an auto cad finish. the sketchup style doesn’t quite have the look I want from what I can see. I may just be completely missing something, but I just want a decent Architectural styled finish

Have you used LayOut? You can use it to make your plans look any way you want. Failing that, can you define what “more like an auto cad finish” looks like?

You have to be quite careful with terminology as the words you are using mean specific things in Sketchup. For example, “style” means how the model gets presented on screen (and therefore also on page if you export a scene with a given style to Layout).

Autocad is a 2D program so you only ever look at things from the side or on top without perspective. If that’s what you mean by “autocad finish” you can do that by selecting Parallel Projection and one of the standard 'Views".

No. Autocad is a fully 3D application - I used it to build simple 3D models for presentation (mostly hidden line perspectives) from the late 80’s. The 3D interface used to be quite horrible, but it has improved somewhat in the 2000s (partly by copying SketchUp features in a clunkier way).

AutoCad finish? It has never had much finish…

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SketchUp User Guide

Mea culpa. I guess what I should have said is that it is mainly used as a 2D CAD system. And I guess I may even be behind the curve on that too because I haven’t tried using Autocad for some years.

Anyway, the purpose here was to find out what the OP meant by an autocad “finish”. So far, we are none the wiser I think.