Finish a push pull on an angle



I am having a problem figuring out how to continue a round over on a piece of tile I am drawing that has a 45 degree angle on one end. It stops at the bottom end and leaves a gap and I can’t figure out how to complete it. Help?


Share a screenshot or the SKP file so we could have a better visual understanding.


Probably a case for using the FollowMe tool. Make your tile a component, scale up a copy by 10 or 100 times, and work in the enlarged copy of your tile to avoid problems of SU not dealing with creating small edges and faces.

If you need more help, upload a copy of your skp model - use the seventh icon above where you create and edit your post



Could you share the SKP?

Generally, i would expect to be pushing away the waste. I would run the Push/Pull extrusion beyond the miter. Then Intersect Faces and erase the unneeded bit beyond the miter.

The Push/Pull operation will stop when it runs into the miter. Hit Ctrl and run Push/Pull again.

After intersect and erasing the waste.

By the way, you would likely find it easier to do the modeling without textures being applied or displayed.


I tried that but must be doing something wrong Start deleting and everything goes away<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/9/e/9ebe9f105cb24cd183ef1c15b2c329df65592460.png" wid

th=“690” height=“342”>


So you are trying to add the bull nose instead of cutting the roundover off? Extend the mitered face up through the bull nose and then use Intersect Faces as before.