Finding the volume to fill the empty spaces

Hey all,
I’m trying to find out what’s the volume of the spaces of the honey comb I made.
I plan on filling the empty areas with epoxy and in order to avoid spilling epoxy, I’d like to find out what the quantity I need to prepare.
I have tried to look it up but haven’t found aynthing. The only thing I’ve found is how to find the volume of an object but in this case I’m trying to find the volume of the empty spaces and not of the object.
Any idea?
Thanks a lot

Make a copy of the thing, edit it to close the faces of the cells and delete the faces closing the walls. The resulting group/component will have the volume of the cells. Alternativel, model a box the same size and your object then subtract the volume of your object from the volume of your box.

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Well, thanks for your quick answer. I guess the calculation will be quite aprox given that when I create an object (without the honey comb insid) the walls have no “volume” as they are flat. So the approximation will be the volume of the walls which is 0,8mm… roughly nothing in volume :).

There’s no reason for the volume to be approximate.

Upload the .skp file.